two hand carved handle models in wax and knob model in wax with sketchbook

The start of something new

A year or two ago, I was cleaning the sink cabinet in our bathroom and realized that, many years after we purchased and installed the cabinet, we had never upgraded the basic nickel pulls that came with it. I am not sure why we overlooked this detail at the time – perhaps there were bigger fish to fry during a period of numerous house projects. However, I immediately thought, "Whoa, this needs to be changed." Before I could even grab my computer to start shopping for new hardware, I thought, Wait, I think this is my next big project. I should make the hardware myself. 

hand carved green wax for handles on a studio table

I wish I could say that I started on the design and waxes right away, but things at the time were hectic. My youngest was still at home with me most of the day, and I was struggling to stay on top of existing work while keeping the business chugging along. Consequently, my dreams of making the hardware had to be back-burnered until I had the time to devote to it. That time finally came this fall when both kids were in full-day school together.

two hand carved green wax handle models on a studio table

The process has been even more challenging than I thought it would be, but I have also learned a ton in the process. The mistakes and broken waxes would have been much more stressful and disheartening if I hadn't decided that these would just be a personal project for me, which I almost never do. Everything I make is something that I love and want for myself, but I am also always thinking about the work as a product. It has been absolute ages since I made something simply for the joy and exploration of creating something new. I am embracing any and all flaws they may have as a testament to that creativity and experimentation.

a hand carved wax models being help in a hand on a studio table

I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the brass pieces from my caster. I know there will be much work for me to do to address all the various issues I find with them, but I am thrilled to finally hold them in my hands soon. I look forward to sharing the rest of the process with you and the finished product!

 two hand carved green wax models on a work table with a wax pen and candle

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